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Award winning director from the mid west, Jake is best known for adding a funky twist on music videos, punchy commercials, and dollar stretching. "Pre-production is everything, it breeds creativity for new collaborative idea's on set as well as post."  

I don’t believe in B roll or shots for “safety”. Every shot should have purpose. My job is to clear away the clutter to allow purity to the story.

Here's an example of a treatment. The client wanted a unique performance set with a meaningful story line. Sometimes clients have a specific vision and others need help honing their vision. 


I like to share the treatment with everyone involved. This creates opportunity for new ideas. See below for the DP Bryce Wandling's visual treatment. This is a perfect example on how a project evolves after putting time and communicating the vision in the earliest stages of pre-production. 

If you want Jake to tell your story, get in touch.